Our Experiment

CATS is the Conceptual And Tiny Spectrometer, a novel miniaturised plasma analyser being developed at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory with the support of Astrium.  PoleCATS will fly this instrument on a sounding rocket into the polar lower ionosphere, using a CCD as a detector.


Cross your eyes to see the experiment in 3D

Our objectives

  1. To demonstrate that CATS is a viable analyser and a CCD is a viable detector for the direct detection of electrons in a plasma instrument in the rocket environment
  2. To characterise the operational procedures required for the CATS/CCD setup
  3. To miniaturise the electronics with the aim of judging the viability of using such a setup in a CubeSat
  4. To obtain information about the energy distribution of electrons and ions in the low-altitude auroral ionosphere at the time of the flight

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